Becoming a member

You can apply to join Docomomo Finland by sending e.g. a free form email to the board of the society, secretary(at) You can apply for a membership in Docomomo International at the same time. Docomomo Finland collects the fees and sends them to the international organisation.

The membership is valid for a calendar year at a time. Changes in membership information should be announced before the end of the previous year.


Membership benefits

As a member of Docomomo Finland you will help support the work of the society, and you can also participate in member events and excursions. International membership benefits include two issues of Docomomo Journal annually, a reduced registration fee on the International Docomomo conference, and a Docomomo Member Card with discounts accessing places and events all over the world. More information about international membership:


Membership fees for the year 2021

int. share national share in all
Individual member 60€ 15€ 75€
Student member 30€ 15€ 45€
Professional institutions 300€ 80€ 380€
Corporate 1200€ 200€ 1400€


Docomomo International accepts also post-graduate students as student members.